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2 min

APAS SHOW 2024: Scanntech presents for the first time in Brazil an immersive experience with Apple Vision PRO

The official data intelligence partner of APAS will be present at the world’s largest supermarket event,...

2 min

Gift-giving on Mother’s Day has become more expensive: prices rise above inflation in 2024

The study by Scanntech analyzed data on items such as Clothing, Chocolates, Appliances, and Perfumes. Mother&#...

2 min

Food retail achieves the highest revenue growth in a year

Deceleration of inflation, decline in unemployment, and growth in average income were key factors for the incr...

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Scanntech Radar Insights 

Performance in unit and value in each channel and area of Brazil.

Movements in the main consumer items.

Categories with the largest positive and negative variations are highlighted.

Seasonal analysis according to the retail calendar.

Exclusive special study with overview and simplified data.

Every month, the Scanntech Radar provides management analysis of the previous month’s sales at regional supermarkets and wholesalers.

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