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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Scanntech?

    We are a market intelligence platform designed to generate efficiency through granular and actionable information to leverage the results of the entire industry, retail and distributor ecosystem. We use sell-out data, ticket by ticket, with online access, which allows price comparison, product mix optimization and point of sale activation in an agile, effective and precise manner.
    We offer more than 20 intelligence solutions that cover several areas of retail (GC, Pricing, Purchasing, Supply), industry (Revenue Management, Supply, Sales, Trade, Marketing, among others) and the indirect channel.

  • What is the Scanntech Special Offers Club?

    The Special Offers Club is an online platform that connects retailers and manufacturers, facilitating the negotiation, execution and management of sell-out and in-store visibility actions. With online access, manufacturers make actions available to retailers who, in turn, have a catalog of possible offers at their disposal. The Special Offers Club also manages the closing and reimbursement of actions in an agile and practical way.

  • How can I contact the Special Offers Club?

    If you are a food retailer interested in or already registered with the Special Offers Club and would like a service channel with Scanntech, just contact us via email or phone: 11 3027-1700. We also have a whatsapp service: 11 99978-1403.

  • How is Scanntech's data generated?

    The data that feeds our database is collected 100% automatically straight from the store's checkout. More than 10 billion tickets are read every year.

  • Who does Scanntech serve?

    We provide solutions for the entire retail, industry and distributor ecosystem at all levels.