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With Scann Share you have the widest market coverage, without any extrapolation or sampling errors.

Gain a complete and strategic view of the market

Compare your brand against your main competitors, with accurate information down to SKU level, filtered by state or channel. Reliable information on the sell-out of more than 70% of food sales, updated monthly.

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Scann Share highlights

We have the largest granular base on the market. More than 10 billion tickets are read every year.

Agile decisions, at the pace of retail. Find out what’s happening every month.

From grouped information to granular information at SKU level. Accuracy for an efficient strategy.

Prompt service with a level of excellence, recognized with a 9.6 satisfaction rating.

Indicators for a complete overview. Compare price, mix, market share and more.

+40 k

connected points of sale. R$ 763 billion are read every year, which is equivalent to 7% of Brazil’s GDP.

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