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Gift-giving on Mother’s Day has become more expensive: prices rise above inflation in 2024

The study by Scanntech analyzed data on items such as Clothing, Chocolates, Appliances, and Perfumes.

Mother’s Day is considered the “Christmas of the first half of the year” for retailers, as it is the second-best date in terms of revenue, only behind Christmas. During this celebration period, consumers go out in search of the ideal gift to honor their mothers and, this year, they find a more challenging scenario than in 2023. Scanntech, a leader in intelligence for the food retail sector, conducted a comparative analysis of this year’s Mother’s Day baskets with the same period last year and found an average increase of 5.80%, surpassing the inflation rate of 3.93%.

The main “villains” among the analyzed items are Bedding, Table, and Bath products, which recorded an increase of 22.2%, followed by Clothing with 16.1%, and Gardening, which almost ties with Colognes and Perfumes, reaching 14.8% and 14.2% increases, respectively. Among the products that showed the largest price decrease were Microwaves, which became 13.5% cheaper, and Air Fryers, which saw a deflation of 9.8%.

Scanntech also analyzed the Mother’s Day lunch food basket and detected that the highest increase came from the soft drink category, with a 6.7% increase compared to last year. Despite this, the average basket remained below the inflation rate for the period, with an increase of only 0.6%. According to Priscila Ariani, Scanntech’s marketing director, “the data helps consumers adapt and make choices that allow for the celebration of such an important date.”


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