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Information Control and Quality

Learn how Scanntech ensures the reliability and excellence of the billions of sales data in our database.

Information Control and Quality Actions

DATA EXCELLENCE To ensure the accuracy of our database, we rely on a team of dedicated specialists who process and classify each piece of data received. This is the essential foundation for generating reliable insights that support the decision-making required in the dynamic consumer goods retail market.

CHARACTERIZATION All our solutions use a database processed by a specialized data excellence team. Each SKU is standardized in terms of description, brand, manufacturer, content and category, in addition to firstly being organized into a marketing structure, with essential characteristics for accurate insights.

INTELLIGENCE We use artificial intelligence to develop algorithms that thoroughly analyze each SKU in our database. In addition, experts also carry out manual validations to ensure data accuracy and quality.

REAL MARKET Beyond technology, we are closely connected to the marketing context. In partnership with industries and retailers, we constantly seek valuable information that will enrich our rankings and enhance our understanding of the market.

INNOVATION Our team is always seeking innovations to improve our database, ensuring up-to-date information of top quality. Our commitment is to raise the standard of accuracy and reliability, maintaining our database as a reliable source of information.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT In our quest for excellence in data classification, we combine technology such as artificial intelligence with expertise and market knowledge. This allows us to offer reliable information, ensuring that our solutions remain a valuable source for our clients and the market.


The foundation for our principles

The Code of Ethics and Conduct is our compass. It guides us, reminds us of our values and helps us maintain our integrity in every situation.

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Who we are

Learn how Scanntech has been leading a real revolution in the use of intelligence, changing the everyday lives of large and small industries and retailers across Brazil.

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Social responsibility

Integrity and inclusion are rooted in each one of us, reflected in our concern to contribute to the well-being and development of our community.

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An ethical attitude is more than a priority: it is the essence of who we are and what we stand for.

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Information Security

Data protection and confidentiality are the foundations of our relationships with the market. We use the best practices and technologies to ensure integrity and privacy.

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