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Cookie Policy

Your data is valuable. Find out how we protect it in our cookie policy.


Cookies are text files that can be stored on your electronic devices when you visit our Platform. SCANNTECH uses this tool for different purposes, such as generating access statistics and improving your experience on our platform.

You can check our Cookie Policy at and get an overview of how they can be stored while visiting our website.



We have adopted strict policies and procedures that determine how Personal Data should be handled at SCANNTECH. These rules are designed to ensure that personal data is handled properly and in compliance with applicable legislation, avoiding leaks and, consequently, damages to data subjects.

In addition to organizational and governance measures, we have adopted a number of other measures of a technical and administrative nature that ensure greater security for your Personal Data, always observing applicable data protection and information security rules, such as:

⦁ the existence of a permanent information security program;

⦁ information security solutions and tools, including several layers of protection for Personal Data;

⦁ strict control of the Processing of Personal Data, including limitation and periodic review of access,

⦁ access protected by robust authentication processes in line with international standards;

⦁ segregation of access to Personal Data;

⦁ password protection guidelines;

⦁ access to services exclusively via secure networks; and

⦁ centralization and continuous monitoring prioritizing security events in systems and services involving personal data.



Whatever relationship you choose to establish with SCANNTECH, you are guaranteed all the rights relating to your Personal Data provided for by law, including:

⦁ knowing whether we process any of your Personal Data;

⦁ knowing which of your Personal Data we process;

⦁ rectifying incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data;

⦁ requesting the anonymization, blocking or deletion of data that is unnecessary, excessive or that may have been processed in breach of the law;

⦁ requesting data portability to another service or product provider;

⦁ requesting a review of solely automated decisions that affect your interests;

⦁ requesting the deletion of data processed with your consent;

⦁ obtaining information about the public or private entities with which we share your data; and

⦁ when the Processing activity requires your consent, you may refuse to consent. In this case, we will inform you of the consequences of not carrying out this activity. If you do, you can revoke your consent at any time.

You can exercise your rights at any time. To exercise them, you can contact our Officer at We ask that you identify yourself and indicate which right you wish to exercise.

Other information and/or documents may be requested by SCANNTECH in order to confirm the identity or accuracy of your information.

Requests involving the Personal Data and/or documents of other data subjects will not be complied with, except by means of a power of attorney, parental authority or other circumstance authorizing the exercise of the right of another data subject by you.

Please note that, in specific circumstances, it is possible that your request will not be fulfilled. In these cases, we will explain the reasons for not doing so.



If you have any questions about this Notice or would like to submit any suggestions, please contact our contact person:



SCANNTECH may update the information contained in this Notice at any time, in compliance with current legislation. Date last updated: November 21, 2023.