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Social responsibility

We promote inclusive, transparent and collaborative connections, boosting personal and social development.

We take an active role in promoting social welfare

Every day, we strive to maintain authentic, inclusive and transparent relationships, reflected in the little things each of us does and in our corporate policies.

The Committee’s main actions

Diversity and inclusion

Our diversity and inclusion committee, made up of volunteer employees, actively promotes actions to strengthen diversity in our team. Together we create actions to highlight the different pillars of diversity year-round and to promote diverse hiring, publicizing affirmative vacancies and collaborating with specialized institutions.

The Committee’s main actions

Social Responsibility

We are constantly engaged with our community. Our employees actively participate in actions such as blood donations, clothing collection campaigns and helping communities affected by natural disasters. These are examples of our commitment and that of each member of the team to the well-being of our society.

The Committee’s main actions

Continuous development

We are committed to the professional growth of our team thanks to Scanntech University, an educational platform for all employees. In addition, we offer exclusive discounts to our employees and their families at a number of educational institutions, with the aim of further boosting everyone’s academic and professional development.

The Committee’s main actions


We carry out practical actions, such as recycling batteries and cards, to reduce harmful waste. We also promote the conscious use of resources among our staff. To encourage sustainable travel, we have bicycle racks and showers, making it easy and convenient for employees to choose environmentally friendly means of transportation.


The foundation for our principles

The Code of Ethics and Conduct is our compass. It guides us, reminds us of our values and helps us maintain our integrity in every situation.

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Where intelligence, technology and efficiency meet. Learn how our solutions are transforming data-driven decision making.

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Great place to work

Being a Great Place to Work means our recognition as one of the best places to work in Brazil. Our continuous efforts ensure a healthy environment that nurtures our employees.

ESG initiatives

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An ethical attitude is more than a priority: it is the essence of who we are and what we stand for.

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Information Control and Quality

Ensuring data excellence is key to fulfilling our commitment to delivering reliable and assertive solutions to the market.

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Information Security

Data protection and confidentiality are the foundations of our relationships with the market. We use the best practices and technologies to ensure integrity and privacy.

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