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APAS SHOW 2024: Scanntech presents for the first time in Brazil an immersive experience with Apple Vision PRO

The official data intelligence partner of APAS will be present at the world’s largest supermarket event, providing relevant information about the sector landscape and a special activation in the VIP Room.

Scanntech, a leader in food retail intelligence, will be at the 38th edition of the APAS SHOW, taking place from May 13 to 16, with activations aimed at exploring the future of technology and retail. In the event’s VIP room, the company presents a novelty that promises to bring a new perspective to the supermarket sector: through Apple Vision Pro, the latest virtual reality technology, it will be possible to navigate a spatial dashboard and see firsthand how artificial intelligence and virtual or augmented reality can work together to bring actionable insights that generate results in supermarket management.

For Priscila Ariani, Marketing Director of Scanntech, the activation connects with the company’s purpose: “We are committed to bringing the newest in the market and showing our supermarket partners how simple it can be to use data in decision-making when we use the most sophisticated technology available. Our application helps users understand the size and reasons for opportunities in a fun and surprising experience. To give you an idea of the scale of innovation, we couldn’t find any developers in Brazil that met our expectations with this project. The creation of the application running on Scanntech’s Apple Vision PRO was developed by Paolo Villanueva, a technology creative based in California.”

Since last year, Scanntech has been APAS’s official partner in providing data and indicators for the food retail sector in the state of São Paulo. The collaboration between the supermarket entity and one of the leading data management and intelligence companies in the retail sector provides relevant studies aimed at deepening understanding of consumption habits in Brazil’s largest consumer market.

Therefore, Thomaz Machado, Scanntech’s CEO in Brazil, will participate in APAS Show’s official press conference, where he will speak about the supermarket landscape, delivering relevant information about the sector to enhance the results of the entire ecosystem. Additionally, Julian Giovanelli, Head of New Retail Business, will give a talk on “Fostering Loyalty through Assortment Curation” on May 15 at 11:15 am in the “Sell more and better” auditorium.


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