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Unique and efficient! Get fast and accurate information from the largest granular base on the market.

Data turned into insights for more profitable actions

With Scann View you'll get the best and most complete intelligence tool on the market. Identify and execute your main opportunities by store and SKU, boosting your results and ROI.

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Scann View highlights

Get to know your potential and your performance down to store level, so you can act on the biggest opportunities.

Information updated daily with sales that occurred just two days before.

Accurate information, collected 100% automatically and without human intervention.

Ticket-level information to accurately calculate your price sensitivity and mix.

Dedicated service with training and field visits, which ensures that your team can use and benefit from the platform.

R$ 763 bi

read every year. This is the equivalent of 5 tickets per Brazilian per month and a 7% coverage of Brazil’s GDP.

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