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About Scanntech

With the largest granular coverage in the world, we have revolutionized the market with accurate insights that deliver results.

Efficiency is in Scanntech’s DNA!

MISSION To be the platform that screens, executes and measures shopping activities, thus strengthening partnerships and generating value for retailers, manufacturers, distributors and customers.

VISION To be recognized as the leading platform for data intelligence (from a strategic to an actionable level) and execution, thanks to its efficiency, visibility, openness and agility.

VALUES Excellence, Innovation, Teamwork, Result Orientation and Commitment.

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About us

Meet Scanntech

We are the leader in intelligence solutions and are relentless in providing new forms of efficiency for the retail, manufacturing and distributor ecosystems.

Technology that provides end-to-end solutions

With the largest granular coverage of food retail in the world and groundbreaking DNA, we have transformed the manufacturing, retail and distributor ecosystem by delivering the best intelligence solutions.

About us


Scanntech is born

In 1992, Scanntech was founded with the aim of improving retail through technology solutions. Scanntech develops open and innovative software for personal computers that act as points of sale (POS). This model still adapts to all retailer management needs to date.


Local growth

Scanntech focuses on building a network of small retailers. Soon it creates a new business model that gives small and medium-sized retailers access to the same technologies as the big chains, allowing for better management and, as a consequence, better results.


Intelligence for retail

In 2008, we created a system to provide retailers with clear, fast and accurate information.


Creation of iPOS

Growing larger and with multimedia teams, Scanntech offers more benefits to existing customers and continues to grow its customer base. By the end of the year, it had launched a new tool that would replace tills: the "iPO", which began to be sold it a year later.


International expansion

Scanntech's cross-border expansion begins with the neighboring Argentine market, offering solutions that modernize and generate competitiveness in Uruguayan retail.


International consolidation

In recognition of its potential and the value it generates in the market, Scanntech receives funding from major investment groups around the world, such as Sequoia, the World Bank's IFC and Groupe Endeavor to keep developing innovations to generate efficiency in the FMCG ecosystem while expanding its reach.


Brazil at last

The company begins the major challenge of establishing itself in Brazil, a much larger, more developed and more competitive market than the previous countries.


Clube de Promos

With a better understanding of the competitiveness in Brazil, Scanntech tailored its business model to this new market, launching the Special Offers Club (Clube de Promoções) platform, which connects retailers with manufacturers. It provides special offers for retailers to offer their shoppers. The Club allows retailers to have access to actions that are reimbursed by manufacturers, which improves management, planning and execution of their investments, thus boosting results for both.


Scanntech Analytics

Launch of the Scanntech Analytics platform, with online and interactive dashboards that improve efficiency in the sales process, prioritizing stores, optimal assortment, pricing, and other insights. For the first time in history, manufacturers and retailers have access to actionable sell-out information, at store and SKU level and delivered in D-2. The market intelligence revolution begins, where information can be used directly to boost results and measure ROI.


Exponential growth

Like any information-sharing platform, the more people in the system, the greater the value generated for its users. Disruption reaches the point of no return, with R$270 billion in sell-outs for the year, or 45% of what the benchmark at the time pointed to as the total size of the food channel in Brazil.


Expansion of solution

Scanntech reaches R$ 520 bi in readings in a mobile year, 79% coverage of the food channel, according to the most widely used source. That's 700 million tickets read every month. Such robustness has allowed the company to expand its portfolio by launching more than 20 solutions for a wide range of areas such as pricing, trade, sales and supply.


A whole new level

Scanntech receives a minor investment of R$ 210 million from Warburg Pincus, one of the largest global private equity funds, which ranks among the 5 largest investments negotiated in 2022, and which will be invested in generating better solutions for the retail sector, as well as for its growth and expansion. Thomaz Machado, an executive who had built his career over two decades at the world's largest brewery, serving as global vice-president of digital operations, becomes the company's CEO for Brazil.

Raul Polakof

Co-founder e CEO

Co-founder of Scanntech, he is in charge of the company's innovation, excellence and expansion.

Benny Szylkowsk

Co-founder and Global Chairman of Retail

Co-founder of Scanntech, he leads the revolution and expansion of intelligence with retail partners.

Soledad Fernandez

Co-founder e CTO

A visionary with a career spanning more than 30 years, she is also the mind behind company's system and the leader of its developers.

Thomaz Machado

CEO Brazil

His career spans more than 20 years at Anheuser-Busch InBev, having worked in retail, sales and technology.

Mario Ruggiero

Industry Service VP

With over 30 years in the field of information, he is the leader of a team that drives the success of partner industries.

Our team of developer

More than 80 people

A team of experienced professionals, including developers and data scientists (BI, Big Data and Data Science), work together to develop increasingly efficient solutions that meet the complexity of a competitive and constantly changing market. We process, organize and transform all our data into actionable insights that generate efficiency and help make strategic decisions.

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Our investors

Instituições globais que confiam e investem na expansão da Scanntech. 

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