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Information Security

We guarantee data security and reliability with the highest standards of protection.

Commitments with Information Security

SENSITIVE DATA We ensure the confidentiality of your information by implementing robust security measures to protect your sensitive data from unauthorized access, keeping it safe.

SECURITY AND PROCESSES Our policies and procedures follow internationally required standards, such as NIST and PCI DSS, ensuring data integrity, confidentiality and availability, which are essential aspects for guaranteeing security in our systems and processes.

CONTINUITY Nos comprometemos a manter os serviços sempre disponíveis. Contamos com infraestrutura redundante e monitoramento constante para garantir acesso ininterrupto, assegurando sua operação contínua.

Privacy and Information Security

We are constantly improving our security practices and protocols.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards

PCI PIN Security



The foundation for our principles

The Code of Ethics and Conduct is our compass. It guides us, reminds us of our values and helps us maintain our integrity in every situation.

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Our team of developer

More than 300 people

A team of experienced professionals, including developers and data scientists (BI, Big Data and Data Science), work together to develop increasingly efficient solutions that meet the complexity of a competitive and constantly changing market. We process, organize and transform all our data into actionable insights that generate efficiency and help make strategic decisions.

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ESG initiatives

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Social responsibility

Integrity and inclusion are rooted in each one of us, reflected in our concern to contribute to the well-being and development of our community.

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Information Control and Quality

Ensuring data excellence is key to fulfilling our commitment to delivering reliable and assertive solutions to the market.

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An ethical attitude is more than a priority: it is the essence of who we are and what we stand for.

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