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Unit sales grow significantly in supermarkets and wholesale clubs.

Scanntech’s analysis also points to the exceptional performance of perishables and beverages sales.

February 2024 marked another period of robust growth in food retail, driven by the exceptional performance of perishables and beverages sales, according to data from Scanntech, a leader in data intelligence for the sector. Compared to the same period the previous year, unit sales in February increased by +3.1%, and when combined with a price increase of +3.1%, resulted in a significant overall revenue increase of +6.4% for the month. Notably, the perishables category saw a +9% increase in revenue compared to the previous year, making a significant contribution to the overall growth of the food retail channel.

Among perishables categories, eggs, yogurt, and fresh chicken were the main drivers of revenue growth in February 2024. In the beverages segment, soft drinks, juices, and water were again the positive highlights.

Both supermarkets and regional wholesale clubs experienced growth in unit sales, positively impacting the revenue of both channels. The exceptional performance of supermarkets (with five to nine checkouts) stood out among the channels, recording the highest growth in both revenue and unit sales during February.

However, despite the overall growth, there were significant regional variations. The North region stood out with the highest revenue growth, surpassing the national average, while the East region (MG, ES, RJ) fell below the national average.


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